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Do you believe your income is fixed, or do you believe your income range can vary depending on your environment and the support/tools available to you?

  • If you believe it can vary, you're in agreement with the majority of successful Realtors who take advantage of the support, tools, and services that allow them to be both efficient and effective in today's marketplace. 

So, if you're wondering if Real Estate is for you, we have a couple of assessments for you to take to see how you would do in a Real Estate career.

1. Personality Assessment: measures sociability, assertiveness, achievement, dependability and emotional resilience. To get started on this assessment click here: Personality Assessment.

2. Sales Skills Assessment: measures how well you would likely do in a Real Estate career. This quick assessment takes you through a day in the life of Realtor and provides real-life scenarios. To get started on this assessment click here: Sales Skills Assessment.

Where can I learn more?

Curious about becoming a Gardner Realtor? Please contact us today!