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It's the Fest Time of the Year!

It's that time of year again. The sun is out. Flowers are blooming. The smell of crawfish fills the air. From national headliners to local legends, it's time for great music. From Crawfish Bread at Jazz Fest to Ponchatoula strawberries, it's time for great food. It's springtime where we're from, and more importantly, that means it is festival time! Clear your calendars because 2019 is overflowing with fun for the whole family.

New Orleans

Apr. 11-14  | French Quarter Festival  | Site

Apr. 13  | NOMA Egg Hunt & Family Festival  | Site

Apr. 20  | Crescent City Classic  | Site

Apr. 25 - May 5  | New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Fest  | Site

Apr. 26  | Zoo-To-Do For Kids  | Site

Apr. 29 - May 1  | NOLA Crawfish Festival  | Site

May 3 | Zoo-To-Do | Site

May 6  | Top Taco Fest  | Site

May 17-19  | Bayou Boogaloo  | Site

May 24-26  | Greek Fest  | Site

June 1- June 2  | Oyster Fest |  Site

Baton Rouge

April 14  | Zapp's International Beer Festival  | Site

April 14-15  | Baton Rouge Blues Festival  | Site

April 20-22  | 3rd Street Song Writers Festival  | Site

April 21  | Wingamani  | Site

April 27-29  | Italian Festival  | Site

May 12  | Baton Rouge Funk Festival  |  Site

May 19-20  | Baton Rouge Soul Food Festival |  Site


April 10-14  | A Taste of Covington |  Site

April 12-14   | The Great Louisiana Birdfest in Mandeville |  Site

April 13-15  | Ponchatoula Strawberry Festival |  Site

April 27 | Slidell's All You Can Eat Crawfish Cookoff | Site

April 27-28 | Covington Antiques & Uniques Festival  | Site

April 28  | Bayou Bark Fest  | Site

May 18  | Louisiana Veteran's Festival  | Site

Mississippi Gulf Coast

April 13  | Free Flowin’ On The Riverfront (Pascagoula)  | Site

April 25-28  | Crawfish Music Festival (Biloxi)  | Site

April 28  | Our Lady Of Fatima Int’l Spring Festival (Biloxi)  | Site

May 9  | Taste Of Ocean Springs Food & Wine Festival  | Site

May 17-18  | Pirate Day in the Bay (Bay St. Louis)  |  Site

May 24-26  | St. Clare Seafood Festival (Waveland)  | Site

Helping Your Buyer Respond to the Inspection Report

When buying a home one of the first hurdles to jump is the property inspection.  This “once over” by a qualified inspector reveals many details about the property to the buyer, most importantly the overall shape it’s in.  From the agent’s perspective, it’s important to help your buyer understand and respond to the inspection report so they ultimately purchase a home that is safe, comfortable and up to all municipal building codes. Of course, when responding to an inspection report the age of the property must be considered as regards certain cosmetic aspects.  Expectations that one might have for a newly constructed home will be unrealistic when considering a 75-year-old New Orleans shotgun double. However, there are some inspection standards that should always be met, especially when it comes to the big five: the foundation, the roof, plumbing, electrical, cooling and heating.  First and foremost, a buyer must be satisfied that these five components are in good and working order and up to municipal code. This means repairing leaky and backed up pipes, faucets, tubs or toilets; and replacing faulty or incorrectly placed electrical outlets and wiring. It means repairing roof leaks or foundation issues and making sure whatever type cooling and heating systems the house has are operable and up to code. Of course, there are countless other places where things can be wrong but they are generally less severe in scope and easier to address. I recently had an inspection done of a newly constructed home and among the things we found were cabinet doors that were incorrectly hung so they hit the top of the microwave every time they opened and closed; or a huge hole under the bathroom sink where pests could easily enter. My favorite, however was the open electrical wire in the attic that was connected to a light switch. When the switch was in the on position the wire became hot. This was a huge safety issue, which brings me to my final point—safety first! Don’t be so concerned that the old double you’re buying doesn’t have weather stripping around all the doors, but do worry that the outlet next to the kitchen sink is not GFCI or that you’re hot water heater isn’t properly vented.  My rule of thumb and the advise I give clients  when responding to an inspection report is to address safety issues first. It’s non-negotiable.

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