The Holiday Gift Guide For the Entire Family

By Rachel Hebert | December 6, 2017

This time of year can feel a bit like a pressure cooker. There’s parties to host and meals to cook and gifts…all the gifts to give. This year, let’s try to actually enjoy the true reasons for the season. Let’s spend less time shopping and more time with our family and friends. This year, do your shopping right here from our Holiday gift guide for the entire family!




The Traveler

We all have that person in our family whose Instagram feed and passport pages are full.

  • Smart Luggage – let your love one ditch that clunky suitcase for the perfect carry-on.
  • The Travel Tally – show off where your traveler’s been with these hanging travel maps!
  • The Experience – sure travel slippers & noise-cancelling headphones are great but go one step further. Buy your traveler an experience: a horseback ride on the beach, a massage or pedicure or a round of golf at the resort.


The Gardener

For the one in your family with the big sun hat and the green thumb.

  • The Bee’s Knees – give your loved one’s knees a rest with this comfy kneeling pad.
  • Rain Dance – this rust-proof, crack-proof rain collector is good all year round.
  • Efficient Comfort – Take a load off and keep your tools handy with this lightweight stool/garden seat.


The Chef

This family member keeps us fed and does it in style!

  • The Space Saver – give the lifetime gift of a Kitchen-Aid without taking up precious space.
  • Home is Where – show your pride for home with these custom cutting boards.
  • Don’t Strain Yourself – clean and strain your fruits & veggies easily and beautifully.


The Athlete

From the weekend warriors to the marathon machine, outfit the athlete in your family.

  • Get Your Roll On –  recover faster, add flexibility and sleep better with a foam roller.
  • Cycle Through – bring the bike to the living room with this amazing live-class bike.
  • Film the Adventure – relive your exciting athletic feats with a GoPro!


The Relaxer

Ahhhhh….the relaxer. Let this loved one find their happy, tranquil place.

  • Bath Bomb – let your loved one soak in an explosion of amazing colors and scents.
  • Snuggle Up – this pillow allows one to enjoy cuddle comfort without the extra body heat.
  • Spa Pillow – get the heat and pressure of a massage…from a pillow!




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