The 2019 Football Season is Here!

By Gardner Realtors | August 28, 2019

We’ve sweated through the dog days of summer. Through the doldrums of the season when there’s not much sports action going on (except for you, Zion; you made this summer much better). Through the home run derby and the hot dog eating competitions and every conversation talking about how far football season is away. But no more! Football season is officially here, and that deserves a holiday here in the New Orleans, Baton Rouge and Mississippi Gulf Coast Region. So, locate your tickets, organize your tailgating gear, and make sure your big screen TV is ready, because it’s kickoff time again! And that’s why we’ve compiled all the schedules for your favorite local teams.


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Whether you’re heading to Tiger or Yulman Stadium or getting ready for tailgating in the Grove or the Junction, we know you’re fired up for college football season. If you feel especially excited this year, it’s because this is an especially special year. It’s the 150th year of college football, which means we need to cheer even louder and give 150% as fans! Check out the schedules below and mark your calendars for the area’s teams.


LSU Schedule 2019


Tulane Schedule 2019


Ole Miss Schedule 2019


MS State Schedule 2019


Even More!




Louisiana Tech

McNeese State



Southern Miss




You’re completely over the 2018 Saints season, right? Ok, so we’re not either, but hope springs eternal, so we’re moving on to 2019! And it appears we’re not alone, as an incredible 12,000 fans showed up to watch a preseason practice recently. So, yea…we’re all ready. Who Dat!


Saints Schedule 2019


Click here for the full NFL schedule.



High School

We all know football season starts on Friday night! In what is perhaps the purest form of the game, thousands will soon fill the bleachers across small towns in Louisiana and Mississippi. We’re blessed to have amazing high school football right here at home, and we get to watch future college and NFL stars up close. Check out the high school schedules below.

Louisiana  |  Mississippi



Hut, hut, hooray. Football season is back!

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