Your Summer Herb Growing Guide

By Gardner Realtors | May 16, 2019

Are you sick of throwing out herbs because you only needed a small amount for a recipe? Do you want mint on hand to wow your guests with delicious mojitos? Or, are you looking to infuse more healthy freshness into your meals each week? We can solve all of this with our simple summer herb growing guide! Get ready for delicious infused oils, next-level pizzas and an overwhelming pride that a portion of tonight’s dinner came directly from your home!

So that everyone can use this guide no matter how much space you have, we’re going to focus on small potted herbs instead of growing them in your garden. Let’s go over a few basics before we start:

– Position your herbs close to your kitchen for easy access

– Plant in high-quality soil that drains well and don’t pack it together tightly

– Be cognizant of the amount of sun/shade/water each specific herb needs

– Continually trim your herbs (including flowers) to ensure new leaves keep growing

– Rinse your herbs before making your delectable meals!





Getting ready for Italian night? Basil is the show-stopper for these sweet and mile recipes alongside cheeses and even strawberries. This herb, like us, loves the summer sun, so make sure it’s in a warm spot. Basil also thrives in moist soil, but make sure your pot/container drains well.

What to make: Pesto



Did someone say mojitos? Yes, please! Mint smells amazingly fresh and is such a nice, refreshing additive to your drinks, salads and sandwiches. This herb is a great beginner if you’re new to the game as it grows well and consistently. It likes partial sun (morning rays, afternoon shade) and moist soil. As we mentioned, it grows quickly, so make sure to harvest it regularly.

What to make: Mojitos, lemonades, teas, tabbouleh, desserts



We love parsley, but we always end up throwing out extras that we buy from the store. That’s why we love having as little or as much as we need on hand. Parsley does well in partial to full sun and absolutely loves water.

What to make: Soups and sauces



Perhaps the most controversial herb because you either love or hate it. If you don’t prefer it, you may want to skip this section, but if you love it, keep reading! Cilantro thrives in full sun and only needs to be watered when it’s dry. Make sure to harvest it weekly by cutting the bottom of the stems to keep it growing.

What to make: Salsa, tacos, guacamole



Ah, the sweet swell of rosemary. This delightful herb is a perfect addition to your summer dishes and cocktails. It prefers warm soil and lots of water.

What to make: Chicken, roasted veggies, cocktails



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