Spruce Up Your Home With Low Maintenance Plants

By Gardner Realtors | October 20, 2018

The way you design and decorate the interior of your home has a huge impact on its ambiance and vibe. We love pieces that are both beautiful and efficient, and it’s an extra bonus when a piece is functional as well. That’s why we absolutely love sprucing up our homes with indoor plants. Not only do they look great and give your home that warm feel of summer, they also freshen and purify the air inside! Of course, as you know, the trick is keeping those pretty plants alive. Luckily (through trial and error), we’ve picked out several indoor plants that look great and are easy to maintain.





If you’ve ever had a scorching sun burn, you know what a great friend Aloe Vera (the smaller version of this plant) can be. This medicinal plant loves to be kept in direct sunlight, and prefers dry soil, so you don’t have to water it a lot. That’s a win-win!



This beautiful, leafy plant produces colorful blooms that will brighten up any room. Another plant that loves sunlight (south-facing window in winter and bright indirect light in summer), Kalanchoe likes a soil made up of 60% peat moss and 40% perlite. Again, you can over-water this one too, so be sure to let it dry completely after watering and give it a monthly fertilizer.


English Ivy

This elegant plant is a great accessory for any piece of furniture in your home. You can trim it back (and re-plant the cut pieces) or let it grow wildly as it pleases. English Ivy likes moist soil and humid air (we think that will work just fine in New Orleans, right?), and likes to be away from the light. So, a monthly fertilizer and some weekly watering will work just fine for this plant.



spruce up your home with low maintenance plants



Snake Plant

Known as Mother-In-Law’s Tongue — get your jokes out now — this large, leafy plant is one of the easiest to care for. It will grow beautifully upright and thrives in indirect light and easy watering. So, simply find a good spot and enjoy!


Moth Orchid

The beauty of these plants, is that you’re more likely to kill them by over-caring for them. Once you place them in a drainage pot with either bark or moss in bright, indirect light, you just need to lightly water and let dry!



We’ll finish with perhaps the easiest plant to care for out of the bunch. Considered a “starter plant” this beautiful ivy will thrive and literally reach new heights without expertise. I could go into details, but essentially, Pothos grows on its own. Light or low light, dry or wet soil, nutrients or none. It’s the epitome of a low maintenance plant, and for that we are grateful.



We hope your house is brightened and purified by these beautiful plants! Contact a LOCAL expert today to see how we can help create the life you love!


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