Simple Ideas to Upgrade Your Shower Curtain Game

By Gardner Realtors | October 25, 2018

Studies show that we spend roughly 60 hours a year in the shower! Which makes sense when you think about all the time we spent as kids waiting for our siblings to finish up in there. That stat got us thinking though, with so much time spent showering, we need to make sure we’re enjoying it. We decided one of the easiest ways to do this is by upgrading your shower curtain game. From switching up colors and materials to making them easier to clean and easier on the eyes, we’ll look at five simple ways to make sure your shower curtain is holding up its end of the bargain!


Simple ways to make upgrade your shower curtain.

Shift to Neutral

While you may be a fan of exotic colors and patterns, simple and clean never goes out of style. With a soft white or gray curtain, you’ll give your bathroom a calm, centered aura. Plus, neutral colors like this just make everything look clean. So, pair your neutral curtain with rustic, dark cabinets and accessories or balance out your already colorful decor.


Show Your True Colors

If you read the above and thought, “BORING,” this portion is for you. Take advantage of your blank canvas, Picasso! Brighten up the room with a splash of color or show off your style and personality with a vibrant print or pattern. Whatever kind of colorful curtain you choose, make sure you feel happy when you walk in for that morning shower!


Channel Your Inner Material Girl

While the look is important, it’s equally as vital to keep it clean. For this reason, you may consider making a material change. Your typical vinyl curtain is pretty inexpensive and easy to clean with a damp sponge. Plus, they don’t require a liner. But if the liner doesn’t bother you, maybe you take it up a notch with a nice cotton material. Or…if you’re feeling really swanky, treat yourself to a silk or satin option. This will give your bathroom a luxurious look and feel (just remember, it requires a luxurious aka steam cleaning). Finally, if you like going green, one of the newest options is 100% hemp. This organic material is easy to clean, good for the environment and can make you feel like you’re showering at a far-away eco-lodge!


Raise The Roof

Don’t worry, we don’t literally mean raise the roof. We’re talking simple ideas here! But after you’re done, we must warn you that you may want to lift up your arms and dance. We love the idea of raising your shower rod. Sounds simple, but we bet your rod has been in the same place for years. By simply raising your shower rod and curtain, you give your bathroom a lofty, luxurious look (for free). Just make sure you get a long enough curtain to make up the difference. These floor to ceiling showers and tubs are all the rage and you can have this chic look in a matter of minutes.


Spare the Rod

Finally, maybe you already love your shower curtain game. If this is the case, try adding a new rod to spruce things up. From wooden beams to curved industrial pipes, the possibilities are endless. Check out this list of ideas to get excited about innovative (and often times cheap) ways to add some flair to your shower with the simple changing of the rod. Also, don’t forget about the hooks!




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