Plants that Repel Mosquitoes

By Gardner Realtors | June 11, 2019

Summertime in our area is glorious. The sun is shining. The pool is splashing. The grill is sizzling. The mosquitoes are….buzzing. Ok, that last one is slightly less glorious. However, we refuse to let these biting bugs ruin our tropical paradise. If you’re like us, we try to be as healthy as we can be which means we’re pretty averse to slapping on the chemical-filled repellent. Instead, let’s add some beauty to your garden and take away the annoyance of all the buzzing and biting with these plants that repel mosquitoes!




Citronella Grass

Yep, like the candles. Citronella is the most commonly used natural ingredient to keep away those blood-thirsty insects. Its lemony smell, while great for you, isn’t so attractive to mosquitoes. How lucky is that! For best results, buy the true varieties at your local nursery: Cymbopogon nardus or Citronella winterianus.

How to Plant: More luck for you, citronella loves our warm climate. Place it in a large pot or directly in the ground in direct sunlight.

Where to Plant: Whether it’s the grass or the plant, put your citronella near the places where you hang out most.



Admittedly, we are on the essential oil train. That’s a different blog for a different day, but our favorite oil may just be lavender! That’s because it has oh so many uses and warding off annoying mosquitoes is a big one! The oil comes from the leaves of lavender, and some experts even say that the plant prohibits a mosquito’s ability to smell. Plus, the purple blooms are gorgeous.

How to Plant: Another easy plant that loves our warm weather, simply plant it in a pot or in the ground with good drainage.

Where to Plant: Plant it in a flower bed or pot near where you sit most and ensure it gets at least 6 hours of sun per day.


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We’ll end with a pretty pop of color, which looks a heck of a lot better than that bug zapper sitting out! Marigolds emit a smell that’s not so fragrant to our buzzing friends, and that’s a big win for your summer gatherings. This annual flower is easy to grow and produces beautiful orange-yellow flowers.

How to Plant: Marigolds are incredibly low-maintenance and can be planted in pots, borders or flower beds.

Where to Plant: Plant these in pots or in your garden near your doors and patios.



Say goodbye to mosquitoes and say hello to summer!



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