New Orleans Awards and Rankings

By Rachel Hebert | March 14, 2017

New Orleans. Proud to call it home.

You probably remember this grassroots civic marketing campaign that popped up on bumper stickers all over town. More than just a slogan, being proud of the Crescent City is ingrained in our very souls. Whether bragging about our world-renowned food scene or our seemingly never-ending festival schedule, it’s hard not to light up when you tell someone you live in New Orleans. It seems the rest of the country is getting on board with us. From economics to culture, here are ten awards and rankings showing that others are noticing how awesome this city truly is!




1. #2 Boomtown in America, due to population and GDP growth [Bloomberg]


2. #2 Most Cost-Friendly Mid-Sized Market in the USA [KPMG]


3. #1 Most Improved Metro in the USA [Wall Street Journal]


4. #6 for Happiest Workers in USA []


5. #1 on the list of “America’s Biggest Brain Magnets” for attracting people under 25 with college degrees [Forbes]






6. “Best City in America for Creative Professionals” [SmartAsset]


7. #2 Favorite City in America and #7 Favorite City in the World [Travel + Leisure]


8. #1 for Food and #2 for Culture in America [Travel + Leisure]


9. “Most Dynamic City in America” [Worth]


10. “America’s Best City for School Reform” [Thomas B. Fordham Institute]



For a full list of rankings and awards, check out Greater New Orleans, Inc.





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