Where to Get Jazz Fest Food Directly From Vendors

By Gardner Realtors | April 29, 2020

If you’re like us, you’re just now coming around to the harsh reality that Jazz Fest 2020 isn’t going to be a thing. At least not like we are accustomed to. So, no, we won’t be piling into the fairgrounds or stopping by a late-night porch party. No, we won’t be hearing the Foo Fighters, or Lizzo, or Wu Tang Clan. But there is much more than just music. We’ll also miss all the arts and crafts and food..oh the food!


Jazz Fest Takeout Food


Don’t worry though, we can still grub like we’re there. Here’s where you can still get Jazz Fest food directly from the vendors.



And don’t forget, thanks to the fine folks at WWOZ, you can still Jazz Fest wherever you are:

Jazz Fest – Wherever You Are!



It may not be normal, but still, we wish you a HAPPY JAZZ FEST!

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