Get Ready With These Back to School Tips

By Gardner Realtors | August 5, 2019

I can almost hear the bell ringing. With summer in full swing, and the school year closing in on us, there are two types of sounds you’ll hear around town the next couple of weeks. 1) The moans and groans of kids realizing their freedom is slipping away like sand through an hour glass and 2) the jubilant Hallelujah choruses of moms and dads.

On a serious note, back-to-school time does elicit emotions from all members of the family. There’s excitement about a new year full of new opportunities, new friends and new sports seasons. But with each of these events comes a heap of anxiety as well.

Today, we’ll look at some tips and pointers to get you and your family ready for that dreaded (or celebrated) first day of school.





The biggest difference between the summer and the school year may very well be bed times and alarm clocks. Make sure your kids avoid the shock of the new hours of school. Beginning two weeks from the first day of class, start getting your kids to bed earlier each night and waking up earlier each morning. Also, don’t forget about their meal regimen. If you know your kids eat lunch and/or snacks at a certain time each day, get them back on that schedule as well.




HOMEWORK?? IT’S STILL SUMMER! That’s probably what your kids are thinking. However these days, a lot of students get sent home with Summer work packets that are designed to stimulate their brains throughout the off months. Gather up the paperwork, and make sure your child has finished their work so that they don’t start the year on a bad foot!




You heard right. Tax free! These are days or weekends offer your wallet a bit of a break, so assess your children’s closets to see what they need and what you can use again. You also need to make sure your student has his/her proper uniform and shoes. Here are the dates for area tax-free weekends:

  • Louisiana: August 9th and 11th. The first $2,500 of sales price of noncommercial purchases (not leases) of items of tangible personal property (not vehicles or meals) qualify for a 2% state tax exemption








Nothing can calm the chaos of back-to-school time like a well-organized calendar. If you’re a tech-savvy family, sync a family calendar over each member’s phone, computer or tablet. Or you can buy one of those large calendars with the big squares, hang it in a well-traveled spot, and begin to train your kids to use it efficiently. You’ll love the feeling of knowing when assignments are due and when and where soccer practice takes place. To take it one step further, add a bulletin board where you can post important telephone numbers and school-related sheets.





If possible, find out who your child’s teachers are and make the effort to get to know them. A great relationship with the school’s staff can go a long way toward your student’s success. You can create or re-energize friendships with neighbors who have school-aged kids or the parents of children in the same class as yours. This way, you can coordinate car pools and have extra help when something unexpected comes up.



School will soon be back in session. Be prepared, and have a great year!


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