Get Creative With Your Thanksgiving Leftovers

By Rachel Hebert | November 24, 2017

Thanksgiving may be the only holiday with multiple main events. At Christmas, you open presents. You count down to midnight at New Years. There are fireworks on the 4th of July. You get the idea; usually, everything leads up to one grand celebration. For Turkey Day, though, it’s like having 3 or 4 Super Bowls in one day. Of course, there’s the giant Thanksgiving dinner.

But, the post-feast nap is a fan favorite as well. Then, some would tell you that the culinary treat actually comes in the following days through leftovers. We may side with this team. Leftovers are the holiday gift that keeps giving. But, as the tupperware stays piled up, how do you keep the excitement when you can’t eat another turkey sandwich? This year, let’s spice things up and get creative with our Thanksgiving leftovers.




Turkey Grilled Cheese

No matter how many you plan on eating, we can’t entirely leave off the turkey sandwich. It’s the go-to leftover love. However, it needs some extra care. Throw some melty brie on top and smother it with cranberry sauce, and you’ll forget for a second that you’re eating the same ol’ turkey!



Sweet Potatoes

Sweet Potato Pancakes

Chances are, you’ll wake up on Black Friday craving some Thanksgiving goodness. But, unless you’re one of those people who can eat lunch/dinner options bright and early, you need another option. That’s where your leftover sweet potatoes come in handy. How about a heaping pile of flapjacks with a sweet potato twist? Add some cranberry maple syrup and treat your family to Thanksgiving IHOP right at home!




Cranberry Citrus Muffin Tops

If you ask us, the quicker you can get the cranberry sauce to lose it’s “canned” shape, the better. This list is full of little uses for cranberries, but this is our favorite yet. These little muffin tops are another great breakfast option or they’ll make a great dessert snack later on in the day!






Our Canadian neighbors know a thing or two about food. From the delicious maple syrup, you smothered on your sweet potato pancakes to this mouth-watering idea for your leftover gravy. Ok, it’s not the healthiest, but we’ll start that diet after New Year’s, right?




Apple Pie

Apple Pie Milkshake

We trust that you’re like us and you ALWAYS leave room for dessert, even after a big meal like Thanksgiving. Even so, there always seems to be a few pieces left over the next day. No one has ever thrown out dessert, but this year you can treat yo’self a different way with this deliciously fun apple pie shake recipe. Mmmmm.





Happy Thanksgiving!


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