Add a Pop of Color to Your Home

By Gardner Realtors | July 20, 2018

Color — how can something be so infatuating yet so infuriating at the same time?

A lot of us love rooms held together by a dynamic palette of complements and contrasts, but these treasures seem to hide more in the fairyland of catalog pictures and designer pads than in everyday homes. One reason for this is that painting can be a real pain. With that in mind, we’ve compiled this list of tips to add color to your home. Take the PAIN out of painting and enjoy your “new” home!


Add a Pop of Color to Your Home

1. Pockets of pop

Trying to hit that ideal three-color scheme for rooms can be a challenge – unless you know what to look for. The fringe and design on throw pillows are often bursting with color. Curtains can also have a colorful border, and throw blankets can turn a drab couch delightful.


2. Look high, look low

Color often lives comfortably where you’d least expect it: above our heads and below our feet. Believe it or not, some painted ceilings complement a neutral room perfectly, and rugs provide a great opportunity to contrast or match an already dominant color in furniture. Some rooms even ditch the rug and go for a painted floor!


3. Spray Paint

Yes, this is technically paint, but it’s painless and that’s what matters! Believe it or not spray paint can be used on a variety of household objects: bar stools, chairs and staircase spindles. Get creative to add that extra layer of color.


4. Hang a hue

Sometimes even colorful furniture isn’t enough to soften the harsh white and gray of walls. Luckily there’s an easy fix for this: paintings and pictures! Hang your favorite print to break up the monotony of paint, or blow up a pic from last year’s vacation for a personal touch!


5. Go natural

Nature is the best of artists, so let her work show in your home! Flower and plants are making a comeback for good reason: they add that extra blast of color to any room.


6. Play it safe (or don’t)

If you’re worried that more color in a room will disrupt the current flow, then you can’t go wrong by adding complementary colors (colors across from each other on the color wheel). If you’re more daring, then introduce a bright color like purple or orange for even more of a pop.


7. Chalk it up

Do you remember how fun it was as a young student to get to write on the chalkboard? If you’re like me, it was even fun to get to clean the board! Now, you can bring that feeling home every day. By adding a chalkboard wall, you give your walls a blank canvas ready to be written on! Even better, it’s an artistic way to keep your family organized. Take your chalk love one step further and use it as paint! Give your furniture a distressed look with this fun technique.





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