7 Tasks To Finish 7 Days to Thanksgiving

By Gardner Realtors | November 15, 2018

Obviously, Thanksgiving isn’t Santa’s holiday. But if I had to guess, I’d bet the big guy enjoys Turkey Day as much if not more than anyone else! With that in mind, let’s channel our inner St. Nick and make a list as we get ready for Thanksgiving this year. We’re a week out, but there’s still plenty of time, don’t worry. Make your life easier and stay organized by following these 7 tasks to finish 7 days before Thanksgiving.


Thanksgiving Checklist


Check silver/ kitchenware

Now’s the time that you get everything you need both in and out of the kitchen. Pots, pans, baking sheets. Plates, chargers, wine glasses. Make a game out of polishing silver with your kids and see who can get their pieces the cleanest, the fastest. Take stock of all this now so you’re not stressing out on the big day.


Non-perishable shopping

Ah, the trip to the grocery store; easily one of the most stressful parts of the holiday. This necessary evil is probably best done very early or very late in the day. Go ahead and knock out the items you can get that won’t spoil.


Create your centerpiece

These days, the decorations are almost as extravagant as the food itself. While we love a good-looking table, we don’t think this should be your focus or a stressor for you. Put down a runner, and go simple with some flowers and fall items and call it a day.


Perishable shopping

Ok, this should be the last non-fun part. Again, we’d advise braving the trip to the grocery store early or late in the day. This trip is for getting your veggies and other items that will go bad soon.


Pick up/defrost the turkey

Ah, the star of the show. Whether you’re picking it up or just getting it out of the freezer, make sure you give yourself plenty of time to prep this beautiful bird.


Buy wine and beer

If your family likes wine and beer during the holidays, make sure you get everyone’s favorite and have it on ice.


Set the table and enjoy!




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