5 Things You Should Hide Before Showing Your Home

By Rachel Hebert | April 13, 2018

While location, location, location is the go-to real estate phrase, we believe there’s another one you should hold in equally high regard. Presentation, presentation, presentation. When you have a potential buyer who is interested enough to take a look at your house, you want to ensure there’s nothing that can tarnish your chances of making a sale. That’s why today we’re looking at five things you should hide before showing your home.




Life can be a mess. A beautiful mess, but a mess nonetheless. Add in furniture, appliances, random accumulated “stuff” and of course, kids, and clutter can build up in your home. We get it, but we also know that when you’re showing your home, you not only need to clean, but de-clutter as well. So, remove all the magnets from the refrigerator, store clunky furniture/design pieces and create a clean, minimalist look.



That sailfish or 12 point buck is something to be proud of. But it may not create a vibe that is welcoming for everyone. Before you show your home, take down that trophy and cover the spot with a nice painting. Just think, once you sell your house, you can put it up in your new home!






Rodent Traps

No matter where you live, rodents can be an issue. So whether you’re putting out cheese for mice or just have small traps for cockroaches, make sure you put these away before showing your home. You don’t want a potential buyer thinking your house is infested with rodents!


Your Pet

If you’re like us, pets are a part of your family. But everyone doesn’t believe in this lifestyle. While you show your home, take your pet for a walk and make sure any crates and kennels are stored out of sight as well. Finally, bust out the Febreeze to freshen up any lingering pet smells.



We know you want to be involved in every aspect of the home selling process, but when it comes time to show your home, don’t hover; trust your Gardner Realtor to get the job done! Take this time to run some errands or check out that new restaurant you’ve been wanting to try. You’ve done everything you can do at this point, and it’s time to sit back and reap the reward!




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