5 Things: Fruits & Veggies You Can Grow in Hanging Baskets

By Rachel Rae Westfall | May 23, 2017

There’s nothing quite like the taste of a fresh fruit or veggie. And that feeling is maximized when you grow the produce yourself! But not everyone is blessed to have enough space to have rows and rows of tilled up soil. You may be in a condo in the Warehouse District or an apartment on St. Charles or a Shotgun in Mid-City. Don’t worry, you can still experience the sweet, sweet victory of home-grown produce. Check out these five fruits & veggies you can grow in hanging baskets.


hanging garden


1. Cherry Tomatoes

If you’re new to the gardening scene (on the ground or basket hanging), then you’ll love planting tomatoes. They like to spread out and be the star of the show so make sure you give them plenty of room to shine. Try the Tumbling Tom variety that will grow down your hanging basket.

2. Lettuce

Another simple option is lettuce. We like to grow lettuce in hanging baskets, because it’s so light that you can hang it anywhere. It prefers full sunlight, but it needs some shade (just like you and me) in the sweltering heat of summer. Try leaf lettuce because you’ll quickly see some results, and feel free to snip off an outer piece for a salad or as a garnish for taco night!

3. Strawberries

These succulent fruits require little attention from you, and they’ll bear fruit all summer long. Get the sweet alpine variety, because they like a bit of shade. Just make sure you keep them watered, because strawberries have very shallow roots.

4. Herbs

If you’re into home gardening, chances are you’re also into home cooking. That means you know your way around an herb cabinet! Good news, because you can grow just about any type of herb in a hanging basket; from parsley and oregano to mint and thyme. Just make sure you plant the tallest herbs in the center of the basket. Check out this helpful guide to planting herbs on a budget.

5. Green Beans

Green beans do best when planted in early spring, and they love full sunlight and plenty of water. They’ll germinate in 5-8 days and be ready to hit your table in 45-60 days. They’ll start to creep over the side of your basket, so make sure you pick them before they weigh down your basket too much.



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