Make Your 4th of July Party a Star Spangled Success

By Gardner Realtors | June 14, 2019

The 4th of July is one of our favorite times of the year to get together and celebrate the blessings that we have as Americans. The fact that you’re reading this means it’s time to start planning a party that’s worthy of an amazing fireworks show. If we’re being honest, the best part about a 4th of July party is that you can’t “over-America” things. If it’s red, white and blue or has an American flag on it, you can use it! Here are a few ideas to make your party a Star Spangled success.






Is there a symbol we love and cherish more than the American Flag? You’ll definitely need a flag on a pole, and we love the traditional buntings. We also love this DIY idea which you can easily do by painting an old pallet (Walmart or grocery stores have tons of these you can run by and ask for).




You’re probably breaking out the Big Green Egg or the grill for the 4th. Or maybe you’re whipping up your famous fried chicken. Or, you’re pleasing your crowd with your famous crawfish boil. Heck, maybe you’re picking up Popeye’s an hour before. Regardless of what you’re eating, make sure you’re serving up some cold, refreshing drinks. Nothing will make your sweaty guests happier than an icy beer or tasty concoction. Get festive with red, white, and blue margaritas or a party punch.




No matter what you choose to eat or drink, make sure you’ve got a quality dining set up. That could just include paper plates and red/blue solo cups, or you could get a little fancier. If you’re a loyal New Orleans Lifestyles reader, you know we like mason jars. Pair those with red and blue bandanas wrapped around them, and you’ve got a bonafide American place setting.




It doesn’t get more American than that scene from The Sandlot where the guys are playing baseball under a fireworks show. Channel that patriotism, and add a little friendly competition to your party. There’s always the fan favorite games like cornhole or horseshoes, but take it up a notch this year with a USA-themed ring toss game by following this easy DIY guide. We know your time is precious, so instead of painting the bottles, we recommend just picking up a case of Budweiser (red) and Bud Light (blue) aluminum bottles.




Going back to our childhood, we all love the 4th of July, and a lot of that has to do with the fireworks celebration. If you’re shooting them off yourself, make sure you’re safe. The same goes for sparklers, and you could even make your own kids version. We also love this DIY flameless party cracker idea. Whatever you’re firing off, just remember to have plenty of room and plenty of adults present.




Here’s a bonus idea for you. A New Orleans Lifestyles reader made this beautiful crawfish table, and we can say with confidence, it’s always a crowd pleaser.

4th of July Party Ideas



It’s our country’s birthday, and this day deserves an epic party. Whether you’re inviting the whole neighborhood or just hanging with the fam, step up your red, white, and blue game this year and make it a 4th to remember!


Happy 4th of July!




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