11 Tips to Sell Your Home Fast

By Crystal Gardner-Phillips | November 6, 2018

We have over 75 years of experience in Real Estate in the New Orleans, Mississippi Gulf Coast and Baton Rouge area. There’s one thing we know. Whether upgrading, downgrading, or relocating, homeowners sell their properties eventually. As a seller, you’re ecstatic because that home investment you made years ago is finally going to pay off in big bucks. Right?…Maybe. If you price it at a fair market value and know how to properly sell it, then of course! But first, you may need to channel your inner Tim “The Tool Man” Taylor for some much-needed repairs. Next, you’ll brave the gauntlet of a competitive market, and finally, satisfy the scrutinizing eyes of buyers (seriously, they notice everything, and even the beggars are choosers). But no need to worry! With these 11 tips to sell your home fast, chances are you’ll potentially have multiple showings and offers, and the sale of your dreams in no time.



1. Repairs required.

When touring your home, potential buyers are looking for two things: all of the attractive qualities and all of the future headaches. Fortunately for you, those nuisances can be eliminated with some attention to the roof, foundation and important appliances like the air conditioner. With video tutorials now at your fingertips, anyone can become an amateur repairman or woman!


2. All about aesthetics.

Remember: first impressions are crucial, and paint is usually what people see first. So it won’t matter if your house is furnished like Versailles if the paint job looks centuries-old. Give your home that extra edge by repainting in a neutral color. If that’s too much to ask, then just paint over any worn or deteriorating rooms inside.


3. The devil is in the details.

Search your home for broken lights, cracked fixtures and any other blemishes that might turn off potential buyers. And we’re not just nitpicking here. Sometimes even the smallest blemish can plant a seed of doubt in the buyer’s mind about what other problems are lurking beneath the surface.


4. The great outdoors.

It’s called “curb appeal” for a reason: because that’s where people make first impressions. Scan your home from the outside for any eyesores on the front door, house numbers or lawn and garden. Do some light landscaping, replace cloudy lights and wash your windows to create a more inviting and impressive atmosphere.


5. Lucrative listing.

A fact of real estate: the more people who see your for-sale property, the more opportunities for a sale. Today over 92% of people use the web when searching for homes, so be sure to maximize your exposure by having your property posted on a real estate listing website. Lucky for you GARDNER REALTORS offers a local, reliable listing service that syndicates your listing to hundreds of websites and on our popular mobile app. Try it here.




6. REALTOR results.

No one knows your home like you do, and no one knows how to sell your home like a Gardner Realtor! We will find the sweet-spot price: at fair market value to get your home sold for the most amount of money in the least amount of time. Your knowledge of the home + our local expertise = a sure-fire sale.


7. Switch roles.

Once you’ve found the right REALTOR, it’s time to exchange that exclusive information of your home by swapping roles. In other words, tour your Realtor through your home as if he or she were the buyer and you were the REALTOR. That way, you can communicate all of the personality and appeal of the home you know so well so that your REALTOR can do the same for potential buyers! Insider information indeed!


8. Declutter.

Potential buyers want to see themselves living in your home, not you living there. That means minimizing your footprint on your house by removing your family pictures, mementos, books and quirky decorations. Then the buyer will be able to imagine their style and decor in the home, which is a win-win for all!


9. Carpet cleaning.

Nothing turns off a buyer like a frightening glimpse into their future of dirty, stained carpets that are a pain to deal with. Instead, provide an appealing picture of clean, delightful carpets by washing and vacuuming the dirt away. If that doesn’t work, then pay for a professional cleaning with heavy-duty equipment — you won’t regret it after landing a sale in half the time.


10. Picture perfect.

A picture is worth a thousand words, right? So make sure that those words aren’t posted online saying “nothing to see here, move along.” Guarantee that your house appears as appealing as possible by using a professional photographer. GARDNER REALTORS has got you covered once again: we have a partnership with the best in the photography business, IMOTO Photo.  As part of the deal, you get an aerial picture (from a very very tall tripod) of your home, which allows it to stand out from the rest!


11. Treat them with treats.

Have some bottled water or soft drinks in the fridge to beat the heat. And place some fresh flowers in the main room to create an enticing aroma. Trust me, your house will stick with them as “the one with that smelled nice and treated us to some refreshments.” And that’s a very good label to have when it comes down to deciding between two similar properties.



For all your dream home needs, contact your LOCAL expert at Gardner Realtors today!

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